in all aspects of each life transition.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Tania!

After 6 years in Digital Marketing, I lost my dad in a 3-week flurry of a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Working remotely, I sat with him in his hospital room most days and tried my best to reassure him emotionally and advocate firmly for better pain management. 

I went on to study end-of-life preparation and care to assist others and their families who found themselves in similar situations. 


I've worked through a lot of grief with the passing of each family member or friend, learning invaluable lessons that I now apply in my work.


There is so much we can easily prepare for and avoid if we are empowered with the information.   



Tania responded with love and understanding when my mother died at home and I needed to work through this.


I didn't know what I wanted exactly. I felt different and the room where she died held so many memories.


Tania led a session in our home with my close family that held us in prayer and meditation and recognised what we had experienced in a spiritual as well as emotional way.

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