I've Been Diagnosed

Curable, Chronic or Terminal

Come to Terms with the Prognosis.

Receive Guidance & Support

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One-on-one sessions focused on facilitating:

  • Coming to terms with the prognosis.

  • Understanding existing options & exploring new ones, including the management of pain & symptoms.​

  • A holistic approach & plan for the road ahead.

    • Maximising & ensuring quality of life.

    • Co-ordination of your support system.​

  • Peace of Mind through a Life File.

  • A legacy project.

  • Finding closure & overcoming regret.


  • Maintaining a sense of empowerment.

  • Increased emotional, mental, physical & spiritual support in challenging times.

  • Reduced stress, anxiety & fear through demystifying the road ahead.

  • Increased quality of life through personalised support & treatments.

  • Dedicated, managed scheduled support system.

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