Get Your Affairs in Order

A system to ensure nothing is missing.

Addressing questions you've never thought of.

"Set Your House In Order."

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A concise and comprehensive collection of your key information, directives & personal details.


I'll guide you through a step-by-step process of compiling your file & exploring questions to help you make decisions and choices that hadn't occurred to you.

Take Control

Ensure your desires & intentions are recognised & executed should you get to a point where you aren’t able to.

Gift Your Loved Ones

Remove the confusion, stress & pressure caused by disorganised personal affairs.

Gift your loved ones with the knowledge that there’s a plan in place.

Peace of Mind

Rest easily in the knowledge that future choices have been mapped out. 


I'm excited that someone is offering a painless and efficient method of compiling this where I don't have to put much thought or effort into it.

- Hannah

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In-Person Consultations Available in Kwazulu-Natal.

Video or Telephone Call Consultations Available.

+27 74 182 6422

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